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    Belgian Praline Squares

    Rs. 350.00
    Praline Squares are filled with a layer of decadent mousse topped with chocolate pearls making it a unique and delicious taste experience. Praline Feuillentine Cacao Nibs Croquant Salted Caramel Rocher...

    Chocolate Barks

    Rs. 530.00
    Chocolate Barks are a thick sheet of pure rich couverture chocolate which is covered & topped with nuts, dried fruits, berries, candies, cookies, etc. making it eye-catching & delicious!  Caramelized...


    Rs. 360.00
    Marzipan is a Scandinavian sweet delicacy made of Mamra almonds & organic palm jaggery covered with different flavors of Belgian Chocolate making it a best replacement of Indian Sweets ! ...

    Chocolate Coated Biscuits

    Rs. 300.00
    All time favorite digestive biscuit coated with pure milk & dark chocolate bringing back your childhood memories ! 36 % Milk Chocolate Biscuit 70 % Dark Chocolate Biscuit

    Baked in Organic Jaggery Granola Bars

    Rs. 350.00
    Energize yourself with these delicious bite size granola bars loaded with rolled oats, natural dry fruits, multiseeds and berries layered with a thin sugar free dark chocolate making it a...

    Baked in Organic Jaggery Nutty Bars

    Rs. 370.00
    Is dry-fruit snacking your weakness ? These power packed nutty bites are perfect daily fuel and wellportioned, making them impeccable, anytime on the go snack bites !  Rose Cashew Orange...

    Sugar Free Rocks-Almond Rocks

    Rs. 260.00
    Our Signature Rocks are perfectly roasted to its right temperature keeping the goodness of nut and then folding these chunks into rich pure sugar-free couverture chocolate!  70 % Dark Chocolate...

    Gooey Chocolate Mousse Truffles

    Rs. 430.00
    The classic artisanal hand-rolled truffles filled with gooey chocolate mousse giving you a luxurious and delicious experience.  80 % Dark Cacao with toasted Almond  Caramel Cacao Nibs  Cookie Hazelnut

    Felicità’s Combo Box 24 Pcs

    Rs. 800.00
    Felicità’s Combo Box 24 Pcs Belgian Bonbons 8 pcs Swiss Ganache 8 pcs Belgian Pralines Squares 4 pcs Milk Chocolate Nutties  

    Belgian Chocolate Mendiants

    Rs. 360.00
    Mendiants are a traditional French confection composed of a chocolate disk studded with nuts and dried fruits made with 70 % Dark Chocolate. Pecan-Nut Mixed Berries & Nuts  Orange Peel...

    Belgian Chocolate Clusters

    Rs. 400.00
    Enhancing the taste buds, clusters are encased in luscious chocolate and filled with crunchy nuts. Oreo Choco-Chip Rose Cashew Cranberry Almond Pistachio Butterscotch Nougat

    Swiss Ganache Chocolates

    Rs. 290.00
    These are moulded chocolates filled with buttercream ganache making it smooth and silky. Blueberry Raspberry Rose Mango Passion Fruit Cappuccino  Lemon Cardamom  Malta Orange  Red-Berry Croquant

    Bean Couverture Callets-Ruby

    Rs. 0.00
    These classic & pure Callets are small drops of Chocolate ideal to binge on !


    Rs. 0.00
    Scoop, Spread, Dip or just eat it right out of the jar – Our Spreads are that delicious!


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