Felicita -The brain child of this young budding chocolatier, Chef Ishita Chheda.

From graduating in finance and working in family business of pharmaceuticals, she is a living example of “find something that you are passionate about and make that your purpose of life”. Five years of nurturing her passion in chocolate creations, she finally decided to define and make it more concrete. It was the appreciation and love from her strong clientele that motivated her towards this beautiful journey called Felicita.

They say when you want something with all your heart, the entire universe conspires along in getting it to you. And so did the number-cruncher pharma girl have the best opportunities. After all she was always meant to be a ‘Chocolatier’.  Having been trained by World’s Renowned Belgian Chocolate Company named Barry Callebaut for certified course on Hand Enrobed Truffles and Pralines, She  became the only one to be selected and taken to the next stage where she got trained under Chef Ewald Notter, the world pastry champion for chocolate and candy making organized by Academy of Pastry Arts, India. And then there was no looking back.
In her words: “As we grow older, our childhood tends to fade away. However I wanted to make sure that a part of it remains alive always. Hence I took something integral, love for chocolates and that sweet tooth, and decided to spread this love to as many as I can. Every morning as I walk into Felicita, I am reminded about my dream. And every single day I wish to explore my creativity and sensitivity towards this most profound love for sweets within each one of us and turn it into a beautiful range of handcrafted chocolates.
With your love, I am blessed to be living my dream every single day!”


Dealing with pure chocolate is an art in itself.  And handling it requires highest level of precision. This makes us extremely penchant about the quality control aspect. Our operations and systems have been designed in a way that quality is maintained right from the production till the dispatch in every possible area and aspect. We want to deliver the purity and exclusivity that we promise, in a way where the experience of relishing Felicita speaks for it.

Felicita takes custom flavours to serious level of exclusivity with an option to their clients for booking a specific flavour and owning its rights. As a guarantee that these flavours shall not be used for anyone else we sign a contract with the client and in turn charge a royalty for them, thus keeping it exquisitely exclusive.

Felicita believes that a chocolate is incomplete without an eye appealing packaging. Hence we give utmost importance and attention in offering a great visual treat and strikingly elegant gift packaging to our clients. When we say personalised bespoke we really mean it! We meet our corporate and consumer clients’ exact needs with their customized branded packaging in a wide range of attractive designs. Every offering at Felicita is beautiful Inside Out!