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Dealing with pure chocolate is an art in itself.  And handling it requires highest level of precision. This makes us extremely penchant about the quality control aspect. Our operations and systems have been designed in a way that quality is maintained right from the production till the dispatch in every possible area and aspect. We want to deliver the purity and exclusivity that we promise, in a way where the experience of relishing Felicita speaks for it

Felicita takes custom flavours to serious level of exclusivity with an option to their clients for booking a specific flavour and owning its rights. As a guarantee that these flavours shall not be used for anyone else we sign a contract with the client and in turn charge a royalty for them, thus keeping it exquisitely exclusive.

Felicita believes that a chocolate is incomplete without an eye appealing packaging. Hence we give utmost importance and attention in offering a great visual treat and strikingly elegant gift packaging to our clients. When we say personalised bespoke we really mean it! We meet our corporate and consumer clients’ exact needs with their customized branded packaging in a wide range of attractive designs. Every offering at Felicita is beautiful Inside Out!

We understand the importance of putting clients on the right path for corporate gifting and so we set out to show the power of flavours that spark joy.

Facts about us

Exclusivity in flavours85%
Eye Appealing Packaging80%
Authenticity of Finest Ingredients 88%
Personalized Bespoke94%
Luxury Gourmet Chocolate94%

We believe that every occasion deserves to be celebrated with delight, passion and extravagance.
Our chocolate lights up your eyes, are music to your ears and melt in your heart.

We love what we do

and we value our customers

Our chocolate is made from the finest couvertures and our flavours are specially curated and hand crafted for sumptuous, graceful and artisanal celebrations.

Words from the Chocolatier

We believe that every occasion deserves to be celebrated with delight, passion and extravagance. Our chocolate is made from the finest Couvertures, and along with our healthy treats, we deliver flavours that are specially moulded for sumptuous, graceful and artisanal celebrations.

Whether it's a gift you need to share the joy around, celebrate festive togetherness with your loved ones, or want to take a ride on a little guilt-trip of  your own, we're always here with relishes that are hand-crafted and fabricated with a personal touch, just for you.


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The power for creating a better future is contained in the present - You create it by creating a good present.

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We, at Felicita, have moulded the flavours with our own hands, just for you, to share your joy in a healthy and tasty way and to set you out on a guilt-free trip with your loved ones.